Power supply board repaired for $59.95    plus shipping and handling.
Only send the power supply board.

Follow the instructions on this page to disassemble your LCD TV:

Take all precautions to avoid injury.
Disconnect the TV from all power sources.
Not responsible for personnal injuries or property damages.

It is best to place your LCD TV screen face down onto a carpeted floor
To disassemble your LCD TV you will need a Philips #2 screw driver
Screws to be removed are denoted as "yellow dots" in the photos below
Screws can be grouped into an empty egg carton for storage

Remove the base.

Remove the back panel.
Separate and "LIFT HERE" the back panel.

Removing the metal shield housing.
Slide the metal shield housing slightly to the left and lift.

Locating the BP200AD power supply board.

Removing the BP200AD power supply board.
To disconnect the white connectors, pinch the top of the white connectors and pull back.
Note: The connectors will only fit back onto the proper sockets.

All critical power supply components are upgraded to the best possible... On average about 8 to 10 components replaced... These HDTVs have an excellent Samsung LCD display and will give you years of great enjoyment...